Why we include pronouns in our emails

You may see some staff list personal pronouns in their email signature lines and wonder “why”?

Pronouns – she, he, they, xe – are used in language all the time when we refer to ourselves or other people. We often assume what pronouns to use for someone, and while it often seems obvious, sometimes these assumptions don’t align with the way that person identifies their gender. This can be for any number of reasons, but particularly affects transgender and gender nonconforming people. When we provide our pronouns, we are simply eliminating assumptions and normalizing the practice in order to create safe, inclusive spaces for everyone.

We found this to be a clear explanation – https://www.bottomline.org/content/support-gender-inclusive-pronouns

And there are many great videos and resources available here – https://pronounsday.org/resources (the screenshot above is from this video).

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