Current Grantees

Information and resources for current grantees, including reporting, application links, additional technical assistance resources, and more!


All grantees are required to submit annual reports, and other requirements may be requested. Deadlines are included in your grant award letter (sent via email). Reminders are sent via email to your organization’s primary contact and the online account holder. You can access and submit all requirements via your online account, approximately six weeks before they are due.

Final reports for general operations grants are generally due a few months before the end of the grant period, to coincide with the proposal deadline. For projects, please call if you plan to reapply.

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To Start a Grant Proposal

Artistic Vitality Grantees

When submitting an application for renewed general operations, you should also complete the final report in your online account, due a few months before the end of your grant period.

Land Conservation Grantees

When submitting an application for renewed general operations or for a repeat project, you should also complete the final report in your online account, due a few months before the end of your grant period. If you plan to apply for a new project, please call us before starting. 

Collections Grantees

Please contact the GDDF office in your region before starting a collections application.

Proposal Deadlines

Your complete proposal must be submitted online by 11:59pm Central Time on

  • July 26, 2019 for review at our November 2019 board meetin

After the board meeting, you’ll hear from us by email within a couple weeks.

2020 deadlines have not yet been set, but they are typically the last Fridays of March and July.

More Opportunities

Technical Assistance Grants

CHICAGO REGION ARTISTIC VITALITY grantees are eligible for TAGs, an additional $500 per calendar year for classes, workshops, etc., that help them address specific organizational needs, such as QuickBooks or board development. Once you’ve identified a class or workshop, contact Chicago Program Associate, Clover Morell, to make sure it fits our guidelines, and if so, she’ll send you the link to a brief online application to complete before the event. After you attend, submit the online report in your account, and you can expect reimbursement within 3 weeks.

LOWCOUNTRY ARTISTIC VITALITY grantees, please contact the Lowcountry office to discuss any potential technical assistance opportunities.

Cash Reserve Challenge

ARTISTIC VITALITY grantees are eligible for Cash Reserve Challenge (CRC) grants, but they are by invitation only. For many groups the key to expanding programming, innovating, taking risk requires financial stability. Those of our arts partners that meet certain criteria may be eligible to receive a matching grant of up to $25,000 to help them establish operational reserve funds.  You must:

  • Be a current Artistic Vitality grantee.
  • Have a history of stable finances.
  • Have strong, positive net assets.
  • Have a board-approved reserve fund plan that outlines strategies to build and maintain a capital reserve and use it to advance artistic goals.
  • Have sufficient organizational capacity to achieve the reserve fund plan and the required match.

If you have a question about CRCs…
In Chicago, contact Ellen Placey Wadey, Chicago Senior Program Officer, at 312.977.2707.
In the Lowcountry, call the office at 843.277.2041.

Program-Related Investments

In addition to its regular grantmaking, we provide bridge financing (loans and lines of credit) and credit enhancements (letters of credit and guarantees) to non-profit organizations. These bank-like instruments are known as program-related investments or PRIs.  Historically, the Foundation has made PRIs to land conservation groups in both regions, but we are open to making PRIs within our arts and collections mission areas as well. Our goal is to educate and empower our borrowers to accelerate the pace of their  work.