Announcing the Arts for Illinois Relief Fund

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: PRESS RELEASE On Wednesday, April 1, 2020, Governor JB Pritzker and Mayor Lori Lightfoot, supported by the philanthropic community, announced Arts for Illinois Relief Fund, which will support individual artists and artisans – including stage and production members and part-time cultural workers…

Art to See (Virtually) – From GDDF Grantees

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Resource list for GDDF grantees during COVID-19

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GDDF Response to COVID-19

Friday, March 27, 2020 We hope you are staying safe and well, following the recommendations of health professionals. For the latest national and regional updates, visit the National Institutes of Health page. A reminder that today’s report and application deadline was moved to Friday, April 10….

New Study Reveals Significant Impact of Chicago’s Storefront Theatres

Despite limited resources, 41 small theatre companies in Chicago filled a combined quarter of a million seats last season and staged more than 60 world premieres CHICAGO [November 20, 2019]— The Chicago-based Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation (the Foundation)—an organization that offers unrestricted grants to…

Why we include pronouns in our emails

You may see some staff list personal pronouns in their email signature lines and wonder “why”? Pronouns – she, he, they, xe – are used in language all the time when we refer to ourselves or other people. We often assume what pronouns to use for…

David Farren, Executive Director in The Chicago Sun-Times

We provide a half million dollars in general operating grants to Chicago’s small theaters each year, including those mentioned in this Chicago Sun-Times article – Rivendell Theatre Ensemble, Theatre Y, Babes With Blades, Silk Road Rising, A Red Orchid Theatre, Akvavit Theatre, Shattered Globe Theatre Company.

Op-Ed: Give Charleston’s nature a chance for climate resilience

The Post & Courier posted a piece from Executive Director David Farren about the impact of climate change on human communities. Are we ready for a really frank conversation about climate change impacts in the Lowcountry? Many of us have seen those doom-and-gloom sea level…

Resources and Tools from the 2019 Lowcountry Land Conservation Symposium

Conservation In A Changing Climate   Read David Farren’s follow-up op-ed in the Post & Courier. Find yourself in our photos from the day! Thanks to Alice Keeney Photography. Don’t forget to plant your name tag! We successfully achieved a zero food waste event with 100%…

Announcing our new Program Officer

We are pleased to announce the hiring of Rebecca Judd to join our Chicago-based staff, where she will lead our land conservation grantmaking and related program work in the Chicago Wilderness region.  In addition, Rebecca will work closely with Kerri Forrest in our Lowcountry office…