Land Conservation

Nurturing a healthy planet begins with taking care of where we live. Protected areas and working lands — restored, and sustainably managed — are critical to both natural systems and humans. Stewarding our natural resources on which all life depends is imperative to our survival. Particularly in the face of climate change, land conservation is vital to protecting our water resources, addressing flooding, carbon storage, recreational opportunities, open space, and sound land use planning. All communities, including those of color, must be engaged in these critical endeavors through equitable inclusion in the field.


We support innovative organizations and programs that advance land conservation across the Chicago Wilderness region, with emphasis on four key themes: protection and stewardship of natural and working lands; climate resiliency; policy advocacy; and benefits to diverse communities throughout the region.


We support efforts throughout the Lowcountry, with an emphasis on five focus areas, which together span the entire coast: ACE Basin, Charleston Greenbelt, North Lowcountry, Sewee to Santee, and South Lowcountry.