Op-Ed: Give Charleston’s nature a chance for climate resilience

The Post & Courier posted a piece from Executive Director David Farren about the impact of climate change on human communities.

Are we ready for a really frank conversation about climate change impacts in the Lowcountry?

Many of us have seen those doom-and-gloom sea level rise projections, but the real-life scenarios are already the new normal here, in a region where many of us live less than 10 feet above sea level. It’s not just the “hundred year storms” that are now occurring every 16 years, or the extreme hurricane activity each of the past four years that tells us it’s real. It’s also the nuisance “sunny day” flooding, up to 50 days last year, that will be more than 100 days per year two decades from now.

In fact, Charleston ranks as one of the 20 most climate-vulnerable metro regions in the entire world — step aside Conde Nast!

Check out the rest, along with his nature-based solutions in The Post and Courier.

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