GDDF Gen Ops Plus moves to three-year grants

The Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelley Foundation is pleased to announce that we will move all Chicago Artistic Vitality grantees to three-year grants. We will begin the process of transitioning this year with the goal of having all Gen Ops Plus grantees on a three-year cycle by July 2020.

Since the launch of Gen Ops Plus in 2014, the Foundation has been committed to helping Chicagoland’s small arts organizations with budgets under $1 million build their organizational capacity. General operations support lets arts organizations direct funds where they need it most. Multi-year awards help organizations stabilize their budgets and plan further ahead while streamlining application processes.

In addition to general operations funding, Gen Ops Plus offers $500 for technical assistance training and a Cash Reserve Challenge grant that helps invited organizations match up to $25,000 to establish or extend a cash reserve.

More information on Gen Ops Plus.

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