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Calumet Field Notes

Notes from our three day immersive board meeting in the Calumet region. Read More »

Begin Here

What has five syllables, is difficult to pronounce but is an easy way to learn more about the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation? Read More »

Remembering Life Director Elliott R. Donnelley

We are saddened to share that Elliott Ranney Donnelley, eldest son of Gaylord and Dorothy, passed away Friday, April 11, 2014. Elliott was the first of Gaylord and Dorothy’s children... Read More »

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Thx! MT @FifthHouse: Need awesome music recommendations for October? @Cello_guy has you covered on @ChooseChicago

16 Sep
Arts Work Fund uses evaluation to improve grantmaking: no deadlines; online apps; projects get addl 10% for gen ops

16 Sep
Getting to know The Midwest in maps and charts. @voxdotcom

13 Sep
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