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Reflections on the Donnelley Board

The success of our Foundation is no doubt due in part to the unusual structure of our board for a family foundation: Family members work closely with others from Chicago and the Lowcountry, helping to guide our mission and strategies. Read More »

Calumet Field Notes

Notes from our three day immersive board meeting in the Calumet region. Read More »

Begin Here

What has five syllables, is difficult to pronounce but is an easy way to learn more about the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation? Read More »

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20 Nov
Announcing the new @linkshall Performance Scholarship for 2015 @ACREresidency artists! See if you're eligible -

20 Nov
.@ChiCalRivers awards $1.1m in grants to @LCFPD @TeamGaryIndiana @ChicagoParks @chicagoriver

19 Nov
Seen CDPs new profile filters yet? Most "will see the number of questions reduced by almost a third" @philaculture

18 Nov
"vast forests, marshlands, swamps, meandering rivers & wild barrier islands" #ACEBasin at 25